About the Fangirl

Hey there!!

Uhm so you found my blog, a book blog as you might know.

I am Sabrina, or Mrs. Mendes, what you prefer to call me!
I am a huuuge fangirl, so I am totally obssesed with bookish Boys, not just because I have no love life hehe.
If you should ever see me, I think you will see me reading, while listening to Music (of Course Shawn Mendes and soft Pop) or you see me photographing some uninteresting Things. Yup thats me and my life.

I am a flower Enthusiast, and love to Photograph them.
My favorite City is NYC, and I hope that I will live one day there. My favorite place is uhm I guess Union Square. Because of Barnes and Noble, some of you might ask?
YEAH!! And because of Dylans Candybar which you guys should totally check out! The apple lolipop is the best on the world!! And the "Wild about nerds" candys (the one with watermelon flavor is bae)

My favorite book character is 100% Celaena Sardothien/ Aelin Fireheart!
I literally love and adore her so so much!
My favorite book series is Throne of Glass, of Course.
My favorite drink is Starbucks Caramell coffee.
My favorite Oldie song is "Sweet home Alabama". I could hear this for thousand of times. Oh and "Let it be" by The Beatles.
My favorite car is a old VW van, I guess I like lots of old Things.
I am a freaking lettering gurl, and I love love love any Kind of lists! I can't live without them!
I collect any quotes, to say them wisley in the perfect Situation. Just joking. A bit. But I would never say something like Master Yoda : "DO OR DO NOT, there is no TRY"
Okay that would be a Little creepy if I say something like that. But who knows?

So what Things are rest to say about me?
Ah I am a writer! I  L O V E  to write, and my dream is to see my Name some day on the NY Times bestselling list.

My favorite movies are to many to list them up, but I will try:

  • Harry POTTER (yay of Course, by the way I am Gryffindor)
  • TITANIC         (My heart will go oooooon)
  • Beauty and the Beast   (enchanted rose ahhh)
  • Hunger Games    (just 'cause of Gale, I HATE PEETA)
  • Last song           ( yeah I like Liam Hemsworth )
  • Wreck it Ralph   (haha just because of the sour drop struggle, if you know)
  • Me before you    ( breaks my heart at every possible time)
  • Batman the Dark Knight   (hehe I said you should save Rachel)
  • Day and Knight             ( Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise are so adorable)
  • Johnny English          (for some British Humor of Course)
  • The Princes Diaries    2 (Nicolas is just cute, isn't he?)
  • Monte Carlo              (with bestie Selena Gomez and some stunning places)

A movie you should never watch?  The Penguins of Madagascar. Just because of this damn octupus. I MEAN WTF?! But watch it by yourself, if you don't mind, and then you know what I mean. Hopefully.

OH I forgot to say I am a big fan of DISNEY!!!! And I went to Disney World in Orlando and, guys, it is so so so so AWESOME-CUTE! You have to go there!

My favorite princess is Belle, because she is like me.

So hope you know some Things about me now, and have fun on my blog!


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